If you are looking for a location for your business or development project, then look no further. The Village on Main has all the ingredients to be the perfect location. The Village on Main has worked diligently to provide current information to both potential businesses and developments. Here you will find valuable information about our Village on Main District. Below you will find a Power Point presentation (PPT), Our Transformation – Property by Property (Interactive Map) and videos. The  INTERACTIVE MAP (link below in red) provides more specific information about bylaws and development advantages for The Village on Main.

The Village On Main; It’s All About the Location Developer Presentation



Video that tells our story from the early days of our development in the 1950’s and how we are moving forward, transforming into a Complete Community where everyone of all ages are welcome!


If you are wondering what The Village on Main would look like if every approved property fulfills the form-based coding assigned to it, watch the video for a glimpse of our future!



The NSCC 3-D Modeling & Motion Caption CAPSTONE Class of 2015 used The Village on Main as their internship project.   They produced the video below of the transformation of The Village on Main. The first 4 properties transformed are based on real projects!

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