Up-front costs and return on investment are important factors for developers and investors. Short-term thinking does not necessarily allow buildings to reflect or meet environmental standards and community desires. The Village on Main (VoM) Community Improvement District (CID), envisions a village atmosphere that is accessible, safe, and vibrant. A “complete community” design meets these needs by providing health services, affordable housing, employment, schools, shops, and parks all within walking distance. Complete community design is the answer to the urban sprawl phenomenon that has been degrading our health and the environment since the 1960s.

Sustainable design is a component of creating complete communities. When design complies with core principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability, the communities in which these designs are implemented inherently absorb these benefits. Sustainable design connects people with a natural landscape, while using renewable resources and minimally impacting local and global ecology. Sustainable design that integrates energy conservation mechanisms and aesthetically-pleasing building materials accomplish a major step towards transforming Main Street. The Village on Main seeks to raise awareness about these transformative development opportunities. This Toolkit offers a brief review of the best practices developers can use to develop Main Street in a forward-thinking and sustainable manner.

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Transformation Toolkit

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