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Village on Main Summary of Main Street Dartmouth Transit Issues and Proposals:

The Village on Main currently provides a full range of services (schools of every level, churches, shops and a wellness hub) within walking distance.

The Main St. BID compiled a transit assessment report in response to Halifax Transit’s 2015 “Moving Forward Together” community engagement.  The report provides detailed data supporting the following:

The Village on Main area of Main-Tacoma is clearly a hub for errands, health appointments, education and employment, thus defining it as a more desirable destination than Portland Hills, Penhorn or Micmac Mall, which are the current transit terminal locations.  This is not to say that these terminals should be eliminated, however to note that the area is not only a prime location for a transit terminal but a destination for eastern shore communities.  The reality is that, though vehicular traffic is in excess from the eastern shore to the Village on Main, public transit does not exist between the two, along the Main Street corridor; nor does the village have public transit access to Woodlawn, Burnside or Prince Albert Lake Rd./downtown.

In March 2016, Halifax Transit released a new transit network in response to the 2015 community feedback, however the Main Street BID (Village on Main) report was not acknowledged.

Therefore we recommend that Halifax Transit:

Review the detailed report carried out by the Main Street BID with a view to:

  1. Adopting the recommendations for Route 63, 68, Route 55, and Route 401.
  2. Include the development of an implementation plan for a level 4 Transit Centre at or near the Tacoma Centre or Hartlen.

 To review our Report:
Transit Vision for the Main Street Dartmouth Area


Priority Transit Recommendations

Proposed Bus Route Map





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