Health & Wellness

Did you know there are close to 60 Health & Wellness Services

in the Village on Main? 

Long-time residents and visitors of Dartmouth are often pleasantly surprised when they discover the unique make-up and the potential that exists within the one kilometre radius known as the Village on Main.  This month’s feature highlights access to a surprisingly large number of organizations specializing in health and wellness, either government, non-profit or businesses.








The Dartmouth Community Health Team located on Tacoma Drive offers government funded programs and services free of charge to the public.  A great place to access shorter educational sessions and programs on a wide variety of topics ranging from food, nutrition and weight management, managing health risk factors,  emotional and physical wellness activities as well as social connectivity and parenting skills.  Checking out their seasonal brochures of program offerings could prove to be quite beneficial.

There are several medical clinics within the Village on Main as well as many other health specialists, such as, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, optometrists, dental services, an acupuncturist and osteopathic medicine.  When one imagines living in a walkable community and the vast number of health and wellness services available within the village on main, it becomes easier to understand the appeal of such a location.   Exercise facilities, they exist… Pet Care…it is there.   Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital on Tacoma Drive has been serving your furry friends for more than 40 years.  Let’s not forget the good work of advocacy and educational groups like Gateway Homes Inc., Affirmative Ventures, Veterans Emergency Transition Services and more!

Including churches, there are actually well over fifty wellness facilities in the Village On Main!  See for yourself in our new Health & Wellness Services brochure.   It’s no wonder this community has an engaged Age Friendly Community Plan designed for helping to support the community by supporting meaningful involvement of residents of all ages and abilities.

You can download a copy of the new Health & Wellness Brochure


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