On Friday, June 8th, we were a wee but powerful bunch while gathering garbage and rallying together as a community. The Clean Sweep took place at Stevens Road United Baptist Church from 3-5pm again just like every year! Thanks to Petstuff On The Go/Affirmative Ventures, Stevens Road United Baptist Church, The Lions Club of Dartmouth, Staff from MP Darren Fisher’s office, Tim Halman and staff, and June Marsden. Their support and care for our cleaning initiative is the reason we continue to tidy our community. Lots of trash was picked up, prizes were given, and many hot dogs (both meat and veggie) were eaten. The most noteworthy finds of the garbage haul were: a lamp, a dead bird, a metal rod, and an alarming amount of fast food cups. Main Street is a very busy place with a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be clean! A clean and healthy environment benefits everyone and everything, which is why Village On Main continues to strive for improvement!

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