Active Transportation

We are working to improve pedestrian walkability and better bike lanes in The Village on Main. This section includes presentations and proposals we have made to the city. Some of our biggest challenges are: a) crossing Main Street safely, b) the bike lane ending at the corner of Caledonia Dr. and Main St., and c) the proposed bike lane on Lakecrest Drive does not yet have a plan to extend safely across the Waverly Rd to Lake Micmac.

Thanks to the work of our temporary planners (Paul Dec and Ross Grant-student) we are able to provide you with the information below. This Power Point presents the problems and solutions that we are proposing to the city as well as a 3-D model of a proposed bike lane extension.



Thanks to a partnership with the NSCC Metal Fabrication Class of 2014 and funding from the Deputy Mayor at the time (Darren Fisher) we were able to provide a number of bike racks in various locations in The Village on Main.

Bike Racks


Did you know that the speed limit on Main Street in the Village area (from Caledonia to the parclo) is only 50kms/hr?

link bubble  We would like to see traffic slow down in the village so that our residential area can cross Main Street safely to access more restaurants and services. Here is a picture depicting the locations of speed limit signage.   Do you think we need more signage in the village? You can always call the city at 311 to request this or you can provide feedback here .


speed limit signs map

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