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Annual Community Clean Sweep Event

Put a team together and join us for a fun afternoon of sweeping the streets of the Village on Main clean and ready for the arrival of Summer! Join us on Friday, June 9th at 3:00 at the Stevens Road Baptist Church where we will set you up with everything you will need. When you return from ‘sweeping the streets clean’ to the Church there will be a BBQ for everyone to enjoy.  To register your team, just send us an email ( Hope you can join us!

Annual Business Recognition and Awards

On December 21, during our Annual Wine & Cheese, we recognized many of our member businesses with Certificates of Recognition. Awards were given out out in the following categories:

  • New Businesses in 2016 – All 15 of them!
  • Improvements to a business facade &/or signage
  • Businesses that moved or expanded with the area
  • Thanking businesses, organization and individuals who supported us throughout the year
  • Past Board Members
  • Businesses that received awards from other organizations

During the event there was a slide show: “A Year in Review” that was displayed. It highlighted the above award winners, the highlights of 2016 and what you can expect from the Village on Main in 2017. If you were unable to attend the event, you can view the slide show here: A Year in Review in The Village on Main 2016


Annual General Meeting – Living on the Edge

On June 15, The Village on Main held their Annual General Meeting. It was a great opportunity for both members of the association and residents alike to hear about the highlights of the last year and to also learn about some of their upcoming initiatives for this year. Three new members joined the Board of Directors; Steven Dooley from, Christopher Drew from the Stevens Road United Baptist Church and Michelle Langille from the National Association of Federal Retirees.




Community Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep LogoWe hosted our Annual Community Clean Sweep On Friday June 10. It was a sweeping success with about 30 people coming out to help clean the street. Thank you to all the Volunteers from Stevns Road United Baptist Church, Affirmative Ventures, Smitty’s Family Restaurant, RBC, NSCC and the staff from MP Darren Fisher’s office who came out to make our streets sparkle! The weather wasn’t the best but I think we all still had fun! Thank you to Mattatall Signs for helping us promote the event! Hope to see you all again next year!

Clean Sweep Day

Cleaning the street

Clean sweep

Passion for Place Speaker’s Series: Session 2

Creating an Age Friendly Community; for ages 8 to 80

How do you create an Age Friendly Community? On May 11, a group of residents attended Village On Main’s Passion For Place Speaker’s Series to hear how the Town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia is transforming itself into one such community. Speakers included David Harrison, Planning & Development Consultant and Geralyn MacDonald, Director of Economic Development, Town of New Glasgow.  The Village On Main are interested in learning what it would take to become an age friendly community as they are thinking that the Village itself could become one such community. Where the Community is walkable, convenient and accessible to everyone ; “Ages 8 to 80”

What community characteristics do you think The Village On Main would have to consider if they were to undergo this change to become an Age Friendly Community?

Passion for Place David Harrison

Passion for Place Bubbles

Passion for Place Speakers

Passion for Place Speaker’s Series: Session 1

Wednesday, April 13 marked the return of the municipality’s Passion for Place Speaker’s Series that was introduced last year. This year the speaker’s series will focus on the tools and partnerships it takes to transform an area into a complete community. The Village on Main is poised to transform into a complete community that is walkable, convenient and accessible to all, as the Halifax Regional Municipality has approved accelerated growth in this burgeoning residential and commercial center. The topic of the first session was Community Transformation; How it Starts & Why. Speakers for the evening included: Tristan Cleveland; Our HRM Alliance, Jacob Ritchie; Urban Design Manager, Halifax Regional Municipality, and Greg Fong; President of The Village on Main. Join us on May 11 at the Garden View Restaurant at 5 p.m. for the second in the series; Creating an Age Friendly Community.


Passion for Place

Passion for Place

Passion for Place

Speakers Series


Public Infrastructure Plan for The Village on MainFinal Presentation
After months of hard work, the Masters of Planning Students from the Dalhousie School of Planning have presented their final report on public infrastructure in The Village on Main. They addressed many of the issues that must be improved upon in order for the Village on Main to become a complete community. A community that is walkable, convenient and accessible. Issues such as; traffic calming, street furniture, trees, bike lane connectivity, sidewalks, pedestrian connectivity and green space were all addressed with plausible solutions that given the fact that the Halifax Regional Municipality has approved accelerated growth in this burgeoning resident and commercial center. If you would like to have a look at the final report, give the office of The Village on Main a call at 902-407-3533

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