The Village on Main has been working closely with various organizations and professionals on how best to achieve the goals the community has set before us. We have been speaking with people in the community trying to find out where they travel, and if they have the amenities or infrastructure required to do so.

We continue to be astounded by the community presence at our Tribute Parade and Festival, and our Clean Sweep projects. We are out there on ferries buses, festivals, representing the community, spreading our message and gathering wisdom.

This page is designed to share and hear feedback about projects we are working on. The Village on Main is almost one kilometer in radius. We have a variety of shops & services and a growing residential community (find out more under the Planning and Design tab) but we only have three small public spaces. They are shown in green in the map below. We would like to begin conversations about how we can promote and use these spaces as well as possibilities for more public spaces.


Learning and understanding how people “use” The Village on Main is essential to it’s transformation to a Complete Community. In order for us to better understand this, we are currently developing a number of surveys on various topics including: Public Spaces, Public Transportation, Cycling, Ride Share and Accessible Transportation. Once these surveys are complete, they will be here on this page.



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